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Almost every Ferrari sold since 2005 is being recalled

All these Ferraris have to be recalled because of a faulty brake fluid reservoir cap.
Enlarge / All these Ferraris have to be recalled because of a faulty brake fluid reservoir cap.


Spare a thought for Ferrari. Not its F1 team, repeatedly snatching defeat from the jaws of victory as rival Red Bull romps away with the championships, but the road car division, which is in the process of recalling nearly every car it has sold since 2005.

The problem is the cap of the brake fluid reservoir. It’s designed to vent pressure if necessary, but evidently that design isn’t so hot. Venting can fail to happen, causing a vacuum to build up, resulting in a possible leak of brake fluid. And if you don’t have any brake fluid in your brake lines, you aren’t going to be able to slow down or stop (without hitting something large and solid).

The fix is therefore pretty simple—a new brake fluid reservoir cap, and a software patch that lets a driver know if their brake fluid reservoir is running low. (Should this occur, Ferrari says pull over immediately and get the car towed.)

The company thinks that only about one percent of cars are actually affected, but prudence requires replacing them all. Which is about 23,555 cars in the US, starting with 612 Scagliettis built in early 2004. In fact, the only Ferraris that will be exempt will be the 575M Maranello, 599 GTB, SF90, and the new 296 hybrid.

Owners should be notified towards the end of September by Ferrari about when to bring their cars in to be fixed.

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